DIY Coasters for Different Occasions: Holidays, Seasons, and More

Coasters are a handy accessory to have in the house, not only for protecting your table from spots of drinks but also as a decorative element. Instead of choosing ordinary coasters, why not unleash our creativity and try making our own DIY Coasters ideas for different occasions? 
Whether it be for the holiday season or just to add a personal touch to your home d├ęcor, making our own coasters is a fun task. Let's just explore different coasters ideas for different occasions!
Crochet Coasters-
These are best for the small and homely get-togethers. Here you use the crochet design for creating the coasters. Looking at a few good tutorials on crochet, you shall be able to make these sober coasters.
Tile Coasters-
To give your place a cool site for friends to hangouts or a space where you indulge in carefree conversations, you need cool coasters with lively wallpapers. With the help to tile in different shapes, you can turn your home into a place of fun and carefree site for having coffee!
Pen Paint Coasters-
If you want a warm portion at your home where you can have deep talks with your partner at drinks, these coasters are obtained from cork. Yes, with those cheap corks, you can transform your table into a cozy area with handwritten coasters.
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